Three homemade facial masks with kiwi to say goodbye to oily skin

Having  neat and perfect  wrinkle free skin is the dream of many people, and you not only need to be healthy on the inside, but also care for our skin from the outside.  Today we will put our little bit with 3 masks to help you say goodbye to oily skin thanks to the properties the kiwi fruit.

The Kiwi is a fruit rich in vitamin C as well as help with its intake from
within, if we use it on our skin, we also give some benefits.  Vitamin C is Kiwi Facial Maska stimulator of collagen production that helps keep the skin more elastic. It also contains Vitamin B which gives us other nutrients for our skin. Besides use in cutaneous Kiwi, has high astringent properties that help us say
goodbye to impurities and excess oil in the skin. As you can see is a perfect 10 for our skin!

Three homemade facial masks you can make with kiwi

You will need a Kiwi and two tablespoons of plain yogurt, which provide
vitamins to our skin. Start peeling kiwi and we will beat along with the yogurt
in a blender to a paste compacta.Cuando have the mixture ready, apply it on the face by a gentle massage. After 15 minutes we will remove it with water. Then use your usual moisturizer to finish the process.

For this next mask you will need 1/4 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 kiwi and 1 egg white. Begin by extracting the juice of a lemon, and put in a bowl, kiwi pieces, completely stripped, lemon juice and egg white and beat everything. Apply on face and leave on for about 10 minutes. Then remove with cold water. When finished apply your usual moisturizer.

Our next mask will need one peeled kiwi, hot water and a dash of Vozka. Peel the kiwi and grind. Add a glass of hot water and let stand before applying the mask 30 minutes. After that time, strain the resulting and add a tablespoon of Vozka. Stir well and let stand 5 minutes. Then apply the resulting juice on the face and let stand 15 minutes. Remove and finish with your usual moisturizer.
These three mask will help treat and relieve oily skin.