The method of aging may be a natural one however the skin’s process of aging may be considerably reduced with the correct  ways and relevant natural skin care techniques.

The major think about our skins untimely aging may be attributed to the sun.  The sun damage you would possibly see on your face nowadays may have started over thirty years in the past.   Once your skin is damaged by the sun  it can be very hard to  correct.

Ways to stop sun harm occurring are:

.  Wear a high protection sunscreen every day on the face, neck and hands
.  Wear a hat whenever you venture outside; even to hold out the laundry
.  Wear make-up that contains sun block
. Attempt to stay within the shade if available

Everyone has heard lots regarding “free radicals” lately.  Unstable free radicals  molecules can come from sources like pollution, chemicals and radiation.  They’re conjointly caused by unhealthy diets high in fat and might even be caused by over elbow grease. These free radicals can take over  your system and are now known to cause devastating health issues, like cardiovascular disease and rheumatism. They’re a significant concern in premature aging.

Ways to stop atom harm are:

.  Increase your intake of antioxidants like A and E
.  Eat a diet high in colorful fruits and vegetables
. cut back your use of chemicals in and round the home
. supply natural skin care techniques  that  oppose oxidants

Using natural skin care  can creams and lotions can cut back the quantity of chemical substances you absorb into your body which will cause premature aging. Some every day chemicals like artificial emollients contained in some business merchandise may be hold on by the body within the liver and body fluid nodes.  Others like metallic sulphates will irritate the skin.

Ways to stop interesting chemicals through the skin are:

.  Use solely natural skin care lotions, facial masks and creams
.  Scent the skin with essential oils or naturally scented creams
.  Use solely soaps made of plant oils which contain flavoring extracts, Aromatherapy oil blends and clays.
.  Shower daily to remove  the skin of contaminates

Exfoliation has been around for thousands of years as a natural methods to take away dead skin cells from the surface of the body and stop premature aging, revealing the contemporary new skin cells. There procedures have several advantages for exfoliating the skin. Not solely is new skin discovered however the circulation is stirred up sanctioning toxins to be dislodged and faraway from the layers of the skin and therefore the body fluid nodes.

Ways to exfoliate are:

.  Use a body scrub weekly within the shower
.  Use a natural bristle skin brush to brush the dry skin before showering daily
.  Use loofahs to get rid of dead cells once bathing
.  Dry the skin with a abrasive towel to stimulate your circulation

Dehydration is one more thing to think about when discussing premature aging. many of us merely don’t drink enough water to take care of a healthy system.  Six to eight glasses of water daily is alleged to be what we must always be drinking which doesn’t embrace soft drinks and coffee! They really tax the system of its hydration.

Ways to make sure you drink enough water are:

. invariably carry a bottle of water with you and drink it!
. a decent guide to shrewd the proper quantity of water you ought to be drinking daily is to divide your weight by eight. this is often the quantity of 250ml glasses of water you ought to have per day to assist forestall premature aging.