Using a face mask is a great way to nourish and detoxify your face, but they can be costly. Some facial masks can contain chemicals that can cause serious damage to your skin overtime. Plus, who wants to spend thirty bucks on a mask when you can make it for ten bucks at home?! Making your own natural face mask lets you know exactly what you are putting on your face. Most of the time mask that you make yourself is fresher then the average natural face mask that you can find at the store because it isn’t shipped or sitting in a store waiting to be bought. The fresher the mask is the more antioxidants it contains.Remember before making or trying out a mask not all masks are designed for your skin type. Also, be sure that your face is clean before applying your mask.

Oatmeal Masks 

Oatmeal is very soothing for irritated skin and can be customized to fit your skin type. Grind plain organic oatmeal in a processor for a moment then add water too make an oatmeal paste. You can use the Oatmeal paste alone to help soothe irritated skin or you can make your own infusion to add to it. Your infusion will be different depending on your skin type and what your are wanting to accomplish by wearing this mask. to help alleviate breakouts use thyme and rosemary. If you have oily skin use yarrow,sage, and Lady’s mantle. Parsley, Fennel, and lemon balm are great for dry skin. After picking and washing the herbs you desire to add to your mask boil them in 2/3 cup of water, steep, cool and drain. Mix your infusion into your oatmeal paste until it is spread evenly through out.

Honey and Blueberry mask

Honey is great for toning and moisturizing skin  as well as refining pores.  blueberries make a great source of antioxidants. be sure to keep hair pulled back when applying and wearing this mask because honey can be difficult to get out. Also please take note that this mask can stain clothing! This mask requires 1/4 cup of fresh, clean blueberries, 1/4 teaspoon of vitamin E oil,  1/4 teaspoon aloe, 1/ fourth teaspoon of organic olive oil, 1/4 cup organic honey, 1/4 cup of dried crushed oats, and 1 table spoon of English clay powder. Blend in a food processor for about forty second until smooth and clump free.